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Participation and the Faro Convention

The ATRIUM Cultural Route aims to enable a critical historical discussion among citizens on a local and European level. Such an open process of interpretation may stimulate European citizens to co-construct a common democratic perception of their history and come to terms with the built heritage of totalitarian and autocratic regimes. In fact, the Route adheres to the principles and procedures of the Faro Convention, following a bottom-up approach. ATRIUM is one of the Faro action communities and part of the Italian Faro Network.

The Faro Convention encourages the role of civil society and communities in the recognition and management of heritage as a way to promote human rights and democracy. It encourages people-centred, inclusive, sustainable, and cross-sectorial approaches to cultural heritage, and promotes innovative models of participatory heritage-making.

FARO Convention

Atrium and FARO [English subtitles]

Atrium and FARO [German subtitles]