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View on Podlabin – former industrial mining town built under the Italian Fascist regime

Photo: ATRIUM Archive

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View on Podlabin: planned town in rationalist style (Eugenio Montuori, 1938-42)

Photo: ATRIUM Archive

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Central square with the Church of St. Francis: Mediterranean atmosphere.

Photo: Luca Massari

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Residential zone: hierarchically divided settlement houses

Photo: Luca Massari

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Example of a restored residential house

Photo: ATRIUM Archive

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Industrial zone: Pijacal (Studio STUARD, 1939-42)

Photo:Luca Massari

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The headgear: symbol of the industrial zone of Pijacal. Hundreds of miners descended daily more than 500 meters underground.

Photo: Luca Massari

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The headgear with view on the old town of Labin

Photo: ATRIUM Archive

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New use of the former administrative building: Labin’s town library

Photo: Luca Massari

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Black hallway of the library, reminding the mining theme

Photo: Luca Massari

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White library: Labin’s mine of culture

Photo: Luca Massari

Labin's new town library

Transformations of the industrial zone Pijacal

New Public Library - a Mine of Culture

The former coal mine infrastructure in Labin is being adapted to new public purposes (town library and multimedia centre). The Labin Town Library is integrated into the authentic ambience of a mining heritage site, a complex known as “Pijacal”, a protected industrial cultural heritage listed in the Register of cultural goods of the Croatian Ministry of Culture.

The basic conception related to the renovation of the library’s interior was based on the idea of maintaining the character of the building by allowing the visitors to enjoy some elements evocating the original interior design and atmosphere, even though the new function was respected. One room is dedicated to the “memory of the miners”, with a screen offering videos of the lives of Labin’s miners.

Labin’s Town Library won two awards: the Bernardo Bernardi Award for the best achievement in architectural and interior design in Croatia and the Vladimir Nazor Annual Award for the best artistic achievement in the field of architecture and town planning in Croatia.

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