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WalkEUR project approved

2 November 2020

The ATRIUM Association engages in yet another project funded by the Creative Europe Program.

The innovative project involves four certified European cultural routes with the aim to improve Cultural Routes' skills and competences, through the capacities of their cultural operators in 4 main topic areas: sources, story telling, cultural management and citizens involvement.

The WalkEUR project started in November 2020 and will end in October 2022 with a total budget of € 279,990. Visit the project's section for more details.

FAB ROUTES project approved

1 October 2020

The ATRIUM Association won again funds from the European Erasmus+ Program. New digital skills to promote Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe - that is the quintessence of the new project FAB Routes. Also read the article on ANSA Emilia-Romagna.

The innovative project involves six certified European cultural routes, with ATRIUM as the leading partner, as well as the Center for Advanced Studies in Tourism and the ARGO Agency.

FAB Routes project started in October 2020 and will end in September 2022 with a total budget of € 299,800. Visit the project's section for more details.

W-CHILD project: students interview witnesses

October 2020

As part of the W-CHILD project, a group of students from a secondary school in Forlì (Italy) attended a a 'school of journalism'. The participants learned how to carry out non-diretive interviews and engaged in a dialogue with witnesses, who had lived their childhood under a totalitarian regime or had experienced war.

THE W-CHILD project focuses on childhood and everyday life under totalitarian regimes and war. One of the objectives is to stimulate young people to reflect on how totalitarian regimes in Europe and armed conflicts in Bosnia affected the everyday life of children.

Find out more about the W-CHILD project.

ATRIUM takes part in the FARO project

March 2020

The ATRIUM Association takes part in a European project funded from Europe for Citizens Program entitled "FARO project: The Dissonant Heritage in European Towns. Creating a European narrative of contested identities through citizens' participation"

In the spirit of the Faro Convention and the co-construction of cultural heritage, the project's aim is to elaborate new management solutions based on “active engagement of local citizens in creating narratives of our dissonant heritage”.

Find out more about the FARO project.

Presentation of Master in Landscape Architecture

9 December 2019 (Carbonia and Cagliari, Italy)

Discover the Master's Program in Landscape Architecture (Master Architettura del Paesaggio), University of Cagliari, which is presented on 9 December 2019 in Carbonia and Cagliari.

Download the flyer of the presentation event.
Download the dossier of the Master programme.

ATRIUM attends inauguration of the exhibition "1919-1926: il fascismo da movimento a regime"

19 October 2019 (Forlì, Italy)

On 19 October 2019, the exhibition "1919-1926: il fascismo da movimento a regime" (1919-1926: Fascism - from movement to regime), organised by the Fondazione Alfred Lewin, was inaugurated. ATRIUM President Patrick Leech and the Director of ATRIUM Claudia Castellucci participated in the inaugurative event. The exhibition is part VI edition of the 900fest 2019 "La socialdemocrazia è morta? - democrazia, welfare, lavoro", which takes place from 23 to 26 October 2019.