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ATRIUM Publications

Patrimonio Dissonante del Novencento: Narrazioni ed Esperienze di Valorizzazione
Working materials of the training course 2017 for tour guides, cultural operators and educators on the topic of dissonant heritage of the 20th century and its promotion in terms of storytelling and tourism experiences. 

Consumi e Costruzione del Consenso nell'Italia Fascista
Working materials of the training course 2016 for tour guides and cultural associations on the the topics of economy and consensus building in Fascist Italy.

ATRIUM Guidelines for the Restoration of Modern Architecture 
A seven point guideline for the restoration of modern architecture with a connection to totalitarian regimes of the 20th century in Europe, including three case studies.

The Manual of Wise Management, Preservation, Reuse and Economic Valorisation of Architecture of Totalitarian Regime of the 20th Century.
The ATRIUM Manual of Wise Management is one of the key results and outputs of the ATRIUM project. It represents a work of several experts from the ATRIUM partnership, representing the whole diversity within the ATRIUM cultural context.

Architecture, totalitarian regimes and memory in the 20th century Contributions to the birth of a European Cultural Route.
This book brings together the work presented by the speakers at the conclusive conference of the ATRIUM project held in Forlì from 13 to 15 June 2013.

ATRIUM Transnational Survey
The survey identifies emblematic architectural examples of the regimes in the territories of the ATRIUM project partners.

SIGN INVENTION - futuring the past
Catalogue: objects from a design contest dedicated to creative talent and launched by ATRIUM Association in 2013. Each creation captures the experience of a visit to the special places promoted by the ATRIUM Route.

The catalogue of the photographic exhibition on the remains of the architectural heritage of Totalitarian Regimes in Europe.


Scientific Papers (in English)

How to cope with dissonant heritage: a way towards sustainable tourism development.
The article links the the issue of dissonance heritage with contrasting interpretatons of the past, with focus on Predappio and Forlì in Italy. A research conducted by the Center for Advanced Studies in Tourism (CAST), University of Bologna.

How to conduct a market survey? Steps for the evaluation of a potential transnational tourism market for the ATRIUM cultural product.
The report suggests a practical tool and a methodological framework for the assessment of the potential market of the ATRIUM cultural tourism product in each partner country or single destination. The research was conducted by the Center for Advanced Studies in Tourism (CAST), University of Bologna.

The Linguistic and Cultural Interpretation of Dissonant Heritage: the ATRIUM Cultural Route.
An article on the challenges when communicating/pormoting a dissonant heritage.

Lastovo: untypical heritage, universal approach.
An article on the innovative new uses and preservation of the architectural heritage built during the Fascist period and the Yugoslav communist period.


Scientific Papers (in Italian)

Si fa presto a dire patrimonio culturale. Problemi e prospettive di un secolo di patrimonializzazione della cultura.
An article by Patrizia Battilani published on the online magazine Storia e Futuro.

Arte dei regimi come "dissonant heritage": l'esperienza di Atrium.
Contribution by Patrizia Battilani.

La gestione di un patrimonio "dissonante" e "controverso": La progettualità culturale di Predappio e forlì attorno all'architettura razionalista.
A research conducted by the Center for Advanced Studies in Tourism (CAST), University of Bologna.

Il patrimonio culturale salverà l’Europa?
An article on the FARO Convention by Chiara Rabbiosi, published on the online magazine Che Fare.

Il territorio tra performance e co-creazione esperienziale nei progetti turistico culturali. Alcuni spunti.
An article by Chiara Rabbiosi published in the book Rievocare il passato: memoria culturale e identità territoriali (Dei, F. & Di Pasquale, C.), which can be downloaded free of purchase.

Nuovi servizi di accoglienza e fruizione: Il ruolo delle comunità residenti nella creazione di esperienze turistiche.
An article by Friel & Rabbiosi, presented at the Conference "XXXVII Conferenza Italiana di Scienze Regionali".

Tresigallo: la città-progetto di Edmondo Rossoni. Riscoperta, recupero e valorizzazione delle architetture di regime.
An article by Giuseppe Muroni published on the online magazine of Clionet.

Architettura del fascismo, simbolo estetico di un’era da rimuovere?
An article by Riccardo Renzi published  on the online magazine Il giornale dell'architettura.

Architettura del Novecento a Ferrara
Research published by the Municipality of Ferrara as a result of an undergraduate final paper on the history and iconography of fascism in Ferrara.

Un heritage controverso come prodotto turistico: L'architettura del periodo fascista a Forlì.
Extract of an article by the Center for Advanced Studies in Tourism (CAST), University of Bologna.

Filande, operaie e corsi d’acqua. La passeggiata patrimoniale come strumento didattico.
An article by Tania Flamigni.

L'ampliamento del Regio Istituto Magistrale di Forlimpopoli (1931-1938): Architettura e Regime, un rapporto complesso.
An article by Gian Matteo Peperoni on the complex relationship of the Fascist regime and architecture, demonstrated by the case study of the Regio Istituto Magistrale of Forlimpopoli, Italy.

Il Progetto Originale della Centrale di Sollevamento dell'Acquedotto Spinadello.
An article by Gian Matteo Peperoni on the original project of the former pumping station of the Spinadella Aqueduct in Forlimpopoli, Italy.